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    The first and smartest thing you can do is buy a racing program. A program provides the names & numbers of the horses & jockeys. A program also offers important stats and info to help you make a winning bet.

    Stop by the Racing Information booth and quickly learn the essentials of picking a horse and making a bet. Racing Information is located on the Track Level.

    Racehorses are athletes! Be sure to observe the horses in the  paddock for an up-close look. If you can pick a winner at a track meet before a race, you can probably pick a winning horse before the race.

    Learning how  to make a bet is easier than it sounds. Ask an experienced fan how to do it; practice saying it out loud; then make the bet.

    The tellers at the betting windows can help you through the process. Learn more at Racing Information before you bet. Bet small at first.

    Go outside and watch the horses from the rail.  There is nothing like watching, hearing and feeling a horse race.  Enjoy!